Coordinator (Graduate Research Assistant)

Workshops, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Information & Library Science, 2017

The Community Workshop Series (CWS; is a partnership between UNC’s School of Information & Library Science (SILS) and three local libraries to offer vital digital literacy skills to local community members.

As the coordinator for the program, I developed programming to train our students who wanted to teach our classes, and I worked with students who were teaching classes to improve their teaching. I also developed a few new classes for CWS and worked to improve the curricula for various classes that we offer. As part of this position, I also worked to improve the assessment of the program and our classes offered and conducted regular collection and analysis of assessment data.


  • Recruited and retained volunteers
  • Facilitated and organized training for volunteers
  • Coordinated with faculty and staff at SILS and library partners
  • Updated and improved the CWS website
  • Collected and analyzed feedback on courses through data analysis
  • Edited handouts and designed or redesigned courses