Research Ambassador

Workshops, One-on-ones, Virginia Tech, Office of Undergraduate Research, 2015

As an Ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Research, I provided workshops and one-on-one support to students interested in getting involved with undergraduate research. I also participated in the administrative and outreach efforts of the Office of Undergraduate Research as one of two Advisory Board Student Representative and as the Office’s Social Media Manager.


  • represented the Office of Undergraduate Research
  • taught workshops about getting involved in undergraduate research at Virginia Tech
  • held weekly office hours to assist students looking to start undergraduate research projects

Advisory Board Student Representative

  • assisted with planning of campus symposia and conferences
  • attended monthly meetings to provide guidance to the Office of Undergraduate Research
  • represented student interests to the advisory board

Social Media Manager

  • planned and implemented social media campaigns for the Office
  • coordinated activities with staff members of the Office
  • created regular social media content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • photographed and video-recorded events for the Office to use on social media