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‘All human beings, as we meet them, are commingled out of good and evil’: Connections between Person and Place in Wuthering Heights

Published in Philologia, 2016

Wuthering Heights presents two very different locations: Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. Within the novel, these two locations are constantly at war, as are their inhabitants, forming two dueling camps. This paper looks at the locative characterizations developed by the Heights and the Grange in their inhabitants and the movements of the various characters of the novel. Read more

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Personal Health Data, Surveillance, & Biopolitics: Toward a Personal Health Data Information Literacy

Published in Progressive Librarian, 2018

As consumer wearable health and mobile health technologies become embedded in everyday life, coalescing with the integration and use of personal health data and the personal health record in the sprawling domains of the medical-industrial complex (MIC), health/information literacy (H/IL) and data information literacy (DIL), become more important, both for users of these wearable devices and for undergraduate students who might be folded into the research process as participants or researchers. Read more

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Teaching Assistant & Writing Consultant

Undergraduate course, One-on-ones, Workshops, Virginia Tech, Writing Center, 2013

I provided one-on-one writing instruction, developed and presented writing workshops, and served as teaching assistant for a writing tutor training course at the Virginia Tech Writing Center. Read more

Research Ambassador

Workshops, One-on-ones, Virginia Tech, Office of Undergraduate Research, 2015

As an Ambassador for the Office of Undergraduate Research, I provided workshops and one-on-one support to students interested in getting involved with undergraduate research. I also participated in the administrative and outreach efforts of the Office of Undergraduate Research as one of two Advisory Board Student Representative and as the Office’s Social Media Manager. Read more

Research & Education Intern

One-on-Ones, Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives, Research & Education, 2016

As an intern in Research & Education at the Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives I provided reference and information services via phone, email, chat, and other communication media, I edited and contributed to LibGuides, including the one on scientific writing, and I wrote several blog posts on topics such as [email protected] and Elements, preparing citations from EndNote, and common grammar mistakes. Additionally, I made a tutorial to help Duke researchers find their h-indices in Scopus, and I worked with a group of colleagues to create a History of Medicine kiosk exhibit. Read more

Coordinator (Graduate Research Assistant)

Workshops, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Information & Library Science, 2017

The Community Workshop Series (CWS; is a partnership between UNC’s School of Information & Library Science (SILS) and three local libraries to offer vital digital literacy skills to local community members. Read more